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Hengji's farrowing crates are used for pig farm equipments, guarantee the security of sow and piglets. Three types designed specially can fit all kinds of environments.

Our gestation stall can keep sows from fighting and separated, reduce abortion loss, reduce injury to sows, and allow better record keeping.

Our pig slats system is used for pig farm equipment like farrowing crate, weaner pens, finisher pens. Most of all, it is important that the floor has a non-slip surface and allows comfort for the pigs while sleeping. Furthermore the floor has to be easy to clean to ensure an optimal hygiene. Smooth and firm pig flooring surface can avoid burr damage to pig bodies, also with long lifetime.

Our drinkers and feeders can increase the water intake for pig, it eliminates the risk of disease causing bacteria from the water pig drinks

Ventilation design by professional design team,to provide a comfortable, safe place for livestock. with good capacity,the reasonable structure and the strong suction

Hengji can solution to any problems timely for cattle husbandry,We will provide customers with the best quality, efficient service, and adhere to the product concept to impress clients.


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